A 13th Century Dream

by Murat Nemet-Nejat

Lines Written at 2:30 AM

in the lovely triangle between us
the fine wrinkles around your eyes
fly to me

your hair pulled behind your ears
reveal the awesome destiny
of my eyes

the coffee and water shared between
more precious than your crystal ring

the translucent leaf of your heart
offered me as a gesture of

hung by me as a window
to you
time always noticed when too

the infinite gift is always
when infinitely given

a crystal water drop hanging
frozen solid
until you wake

sweet separation sweet
friendship, if only
tears could tell

loveís fortune is
accepting the brown curvature
of the heart

red curvature of farewell
temporary if heart could

the future if heart
could tell
the future if heart could

i may be bourgeois in my scruples
loving you

iím not a bourgeois fucking
fire rises to complete its goal
a trembling perfect
lapping you